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How Does it Work? 

Global Groceries is a movement of kindness, community, and fair living standards for everyone. Grocery orders are fulfilled by locals, it could be someone down the street from you, or even a friend of a friend. It keeps money in your own community, and the cycle of community wealth improves greatly when you support those around you with jobs. 
This is why we are transparent with our fees, and the earnings of our delivery persons. 
To keep the Global Groceries company running, we charge a minimum of $5 pr order, or 20% + 20c pr item on orders over 30 items. This is so our Delivery persons wages fairly cover the time spent on each order, and the cost of delivery to you. 

When your groceries are delivered, you can check through the items and match it with the receipt. Your delivery person will present you with a card reader so you can pay by card at your doorstep. 

For any further information, 
please read our terms and conditions, or contact us.